Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wonderful Fall...

This is my little slice of heaven... When you're a native Las Vegan like me, you relish the Spring and the Fall because it's the only time you aren't either freezing, or feeling like you're being fried over an open flame. Personally, I love Fall the most, it's such a relief from the heat! So... last Sunday I arranged my little sitting area in my backyard juuusst so... An old soft and cool sheet on the lounge chair, with pillows (check), side tables with magazines, phone, ice cold beer (check), Tiki torches lit (even though it was still daylight... keeps the flies away) (check), a few incense sticks poking out of the flower pots sending little wisps of fragrant air up and dancing around me as I sat in my chair (check) Oh and with my precious "Doja" and my little "Zo" scouting out the area (check-check)... It's times like that when I am just so grateful!!! To have my own home, to be appreciative of my surroundings. I thank God every day!....
Zo is so happy to roll around on the cool river rock and look for crickets and grasshoppers... also, to snack on a few leaves.... She's such a beauty... I especially love the picture of her below...
My Eggplant and Tomato Plants have taken over my tiny little garden plot... and to think I bought them on the half-dead clearance rack... I don't see any actual eggplants growing yet, but the leaves are huge and beautiful. The purple trumpet flower bush (don't know what it's called) started out in a tiny little 4" pot and now look at it. I'm very lucky with my green thumb....

This beautiful Bougainvillea is growing like crazy... I'm trying to train it to grow around my window like a frame... I love it!!!

My friends at work tease me that they expect to walk into my office one day and see me completely enveloped in my plants (like the book "Where the wild things are") I keep having to tack my plants to the wall... They just grow and grow like crazy in my office... I love my office...
See: Well that's a pretty long post if I do say so... Tired now, gotta go to bed... It's Friday tomorrow!!! Yeaaaaa! Always living for the weekend, right?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Welcome to the Fanciful Twist Spin off Party!!

Now granted this photo is ancient... but, it is/was me at one time (a long time, ago)...
I wish I could be at Miss Vanessa Valencia's party (A in person. She is the most talented, cute, nice, eccentric (that's a compliment in my book) little sprite of a girl. She lives in a fairy tale world near Tucson and has a beyond fantastic imagination. She's so sweet that she even answered my emails (and she's like.. FAMOUS)... Well she has been published many times and in some of the most prestigious mags like Somerset studios. I just love her art work so much it's a fantastic inspiration.
I didn't plan this post, because I was just going to sneak in through the back door and be a fly on the wall and spy on everyone who was attending the big shin dig, then I saw that sweet little miss V. had listed my blog in her "partyiers" list, and so I thought that if anyone linked to me, then I'd better quickly come up with a little something... So that's it. Gotta get back to the party now.... Happy days and shrieks and giggles!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Zo Zo

Hello!!!! (Deb)... Sorry that I've been so behind in writing a post. I've fallen in love with digital scrapbooking and now I spend all my time trying to learn how to do it.

This is my third attempt (at left). I'm getting a little bit better. This is my beautiful little cat Zo (well not so little, she weighs about 16 lbs.) I love the color combo of black and red and she is such a pretty girl with her facial markings. Don't cha just love her "Cleopatra" eye liner?

The very first page I made was a collage of my mom and stepdad, now that I look back at it I think it's terrible. I certainly didn't mean to do it at the time, but I added this pink photo prong at the bottom of a picture of my mom, and it just happened to land in her hand... It looks like shes holding some kind of phallic symbol or something... It's so funny, I didn't see it at all. She and Cole both saw it, and so now I'll have to edit it and do a redo.
Soooo sorry for a short post but I'm tired and tomorrow is a work day (YUCK)!!! See ya!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Click to play
This is a "Smilebox" that I created about my little Doja. I love making these quick scrap and photo books. They're so easy and fun. I've been so busy trying to learn how to use my Photoshop 7.0 for digital scrapbooking, that I haven't been very diligent in keeping up my blog. I just don't have enough time!!!

Well this is all for now...

Smilebox" src="" style="border: medium none ;" width="386" height="46">
Make a Smilebox scrapbook

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A few of my favorite pieces...

This is a mural that I painted on the wall above my bed, I'm pretty proud of it. It was actually the first painting I had ever done on a wall. I remember the day I painted it, I was standing on my bed with my music going and singing away, just so happy. I started to lightly sketch it out, and then went straight to the paints. I have no idea how on earth I got it to be symmetrical, and I was shocked that it looked pretty good. When I draw or paint I feel like someone else is really doing the work. It sounds very weird, I know, but I've never taken a lesson or an art class and I didn't really start practicing my drawing until I was an adult, at around 35. I'm sure that any talent I have came from my Gramma Nanny. She was amazing and had a huge amount of untapped ability. I'm going to publish some of her sketches in a future post. They are hysterical. She had a great sense of observation and humor.
This is another piece (and form) of my artwork. This is a mosaic that I made on one of those inexpensive press-board tabletops. I used broken plates and china and had a blast working on it. It took about two months to complete, because I didn't have very much time to devote to working on it.
I like the way it turned out for a first attempt.
I can't pass up a beautiful plate or saucer, just so I can break it up for future projects.

This is my all time favorite painting (that I've done).

I first sketched it, then I added watercolor's, followed by an outline with a super fine technical pen. It was done in 1997 and (of course) it was a gift to my Mom.

We've walked around her house and counted something like 35 or 40 pieces that she has, that are of my creation. She's always been my biggest fan and supporter, so it's fitting that she should have the "Museum of Chrissi" in her home. I photographed this image in the frame on the wall, so that's why the image quality is poor, and there is a glare. I'll get a better scan made down the road and repost it then.

Well those are a few of my things. Hummm, next time I think I'll talk about my garden. See ya!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Everyday I fall more and more in love with my little "Doja". The miracle of how she came to be with me is that of a long and twisted journey, but that which I believe, was a destined path. Every time I look into her little eye's I know that she was put here for a reason and she has the purest heart and spirit of any creature I know.

A little bit about her wardrobe... She's such a "girlie-girl" and has a ton of outfits. They're all hung up in my closet on little baby hangers (in order of color, of course) but in the summer, which in Las Vegas in unbearable, she just runs around in her "nudelies". These pictures were taken at her Great-Gramma's beautiful home in Utah, where the weather was cooler. She's modeling her little pink racer-back tank a-la Walmart.

More on my little "Peke-of-Sneeze" to come... Bye!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fumbling towards blogdom

Hello world...

Just dipping a toe into the icy cold, unfamiliar, river of blog. If by some serendipitous chance, anyone (other than myself) reads this, please forgive me as I try to find my way...

More to come...