Sunday, August 17, 2008


Everyday I fall more and more in love with my little "Doja". The miracle of how she came to be with me is that of a long and twisted journey, but that which I believe, was a destined path. Every time I look into her little eye's I know that she was put here for a reason and she has the purest heart and spirit of any creature I know.

A little bit about her wardrobe... She's such a "girlie-girl" and has a ton of outfits. They're all hung up in my closet on little baby hangers (in order of color, of course) but in the summer, which in Las Vegas in unbearable, she just runs around in her "nudelies". These pictures were taken at her Great-Gramma's beautiful home in Utah, where the weather was cooler. She's modeling her little pink racer-back tank a-la Walmart.

More on my little "Peke-of-Sneeze" to come... Bye!!

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*Birgit* said...

Oh, Doja looks adorable in pink! :)

Greetings from Munich,