Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby Angel Pin

This little sweetie flew all the way from Indiana to come and live with me. She is the lovely creation of a very talented artist named Pat from I was the lucky winner of Pat's giveaway, during One World One Heart. Thank you again Pat.

I've decided that she should be perched atop the bow on the headboard of my bed. It's always a good idea to have a little angel watching out for you as you sleep and to keep all your dreams safe and sound. I've decided her name will be Claire (that name just popped into my mind this morning as I was driving to work, and so that must be her name!)

Here's another little picture for you... This is my little Doj and my original "Buddy Lee" doll. He actually belonged to my momma Judi but she gave him to me many years ago. He's just priceless to me. Not too many years ago Lee Jeans made some new commercials with him as the wonder boy, who escaped all kinds of chaos (no silly, not my Buddy, but one of his clones). There were a few versions made I guess, mine was the train conductor and he used to have a little conductor's hat, but that went missing over the years.

He usually hangs with Mikey and Min atop my hutch. They love to have a few "laughs" around the old antique clock... My Grandma Nanny made the Mickey and Minnie dolls way back in about 1941, she was an amazing seamstress and doll maker.

She made Pluto too, he lives above one of my kitchen cabinets. Well I'll share some more treasures with you next time....

Until then...


*Birgit* said...

Oh, little Claire is so cute (congrats on winning one of the OWOH giveaways!), and you found the PERFECT place for her to watch over you. :) I am sure Pat thinks the same.

Thanks for showing some of your treasures -- and treasures they are. I especially like Mickey, Minnie and Pluto. Your grandmother really was a very talented artist with cloth and needles. No wonder that you are such an expert yourself!

Thanks also for your email -- I will write more as soon as time allows.

Good night for now (it's in the middle of the night here),
Birgit said...

Hi Lovely!!

I love that you put the angel over you head ;) for when you sleep.

Today I slept in sooo late - Mister Lovee wondered if I was still with the living, isn't that weird? It scared him so he went into my boudoir and woke me... Alas, I am veering...

I have to swooooooon over that pooch of yours! What a love, what a face!! And you dolls and collections... You know, youa re just plain cooooool and fabulous!

*Birgit* said...

Hi there,

I sure hope the baby angel watches over you -- it has been a while since you updated your blog. I hope all is well with you. :)

Thanks for your lovely email. I will reply as soon as possible. Currently, I am trying to catch up on everything (more about that in the personal email).

Lots of greetings from Munich to Las Vegas,
your friend