Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Princess Bedroom

Hiya.... I had a very creative burst of energy last weekend and completely redecorated my bedroom and bath. It turned out really wonderfully, considering that I didn't start out with a clear idea of what I wanted. So... I found some Ralph Lauren sheets I liked and just started cutting and sewing, and making about 4 trips back to the stores to find things to add or tweak. It ended up being so feminine and dreamy. Perfect for a lady who doesn't currently have to please a "Mister"... Miss Zo, my cat, has adapted quite readily to resident princessdom. (my word).

I think my lampshade is my favorite because I took an old basket shade that I had and spray painted it white, added two layers of beaded fringe around the bottom and sewed up a quick bow to match... I love it!!

Also, things are still going strong on the O.W.O.H. caravan... WOW there are over 900 blogs listed, that's crazy!!! I'm thrilled that almost 140 people have come by my site for a peek. I'm listed at #502 and I can't wait to have my drawings and send off my little "Cell-ery's" to a couple luckies.

Well, I'll say so long for now... I'm yearning to crawl into my puffy blue and white cloud-of-a-bed and drift into some wonderful dreams.

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*Birgit* said...

Your bedroom turned out just wonderful -- it's like a dream. :) In fact, I think it's ready to be featured in a magazine -- way to go!

Greetings from Munich,