Wednesday, February 18, 2009


When I was about five years old my Grandma "Nanny" started teaching me how to sew... I would spend many days and nights with her making doll clothes and over time I graduated to making some of my own clothes. In the years since then, my sewing has been restricted to mostly home decorating projects. That brings me to my new little pillow. I made it out of the same sheets that I used for the curtains, bows and tablecloth in the "Princess Bedroom", plus I added a little double ruffle made from a plain white sheet. The gathering is always so tedious for me because I'm a perfectionist and I have to have everything even. I love how it turned out... I think my Nanny's spirit was with me, watching over my shoulder to make sure my stitching was straight. I hope someday we'll be sewing together again in the beyond.

Aside from sewing the little pillow, I built this little bookcase job-ie. I used pre-painted shelving, and brackets for the middle shelf. Whipped up a little ruffle (of course) and also decorated the lamp shade. It was fun... Part of the fun of building things for me, is working in my garage workshop. I have my music blaring (I usually like to play classic rock that I loved from my high school days, like: Def Leppard, Van Halen, The Car's, Abba (I love Abba) Elton John, Earth, Wind and Fire, Heart... Well you get the picture. Anyway, I make sure my saw horse's are in the middle of the garage with the door wide open when I'm sawing and singing away. I love it when my neighbors are always driving by and I'm sure wondering "What is that girl up to now"... On a side note: Last Christmas I painted little wonderland images on the glass windows of my garage door and I remember counting over 30 cars slow down as they passed by me while I worked. It's kinda fun to be an exhibitionist. I especially loved it when I was out on a ladder in my front yard last summer trimming up my beautiful Mesquite tree.. I always feel strong and empowered when I'm able to accomplish all the tasks that most women feel they aren't capable of, like when I installed all the celling fans myself or... I bet not that many women can say that they've taken the tank completely off their toilet and replaced all the guts themselves.... (Go on with my baaad self)!!! :) Hey if you don't toot your own horn than it'll be awfully quiet. (I made that one up, can you tell?)

And lastly:

The true princess of the house's new hiding spot. From the front of the bed you can't even see her when she's back there behind the pillows... She loves her new room, and I'm sure she thinks I created it just for her.


*Birgit* said...

Hi Chrissi,

Oh my gosh -- you have outdone yourself! How lovely are all those new additions to your room. Most of all, I love the last photo of your doggie hiding under the pillows -- that's so very cute. :)

By the way, could you please send me a short note via email (my email address is Thanks in advance!

Lots of greetings from Munich,

Pat Winter said...

Beautiful room. It is so fresh. You do a wonderful job sewing and decorating.
Smiles,Pat said...

You already know I adoooooore your beautiful rooooom of dreams and gorgeous ruffles!!!

You are a magical goddess of the most divine domain, in the history of divine domain's ;) ;)

Speaking of fairies, I got some fairy magic in my mail today!!! THANK YOU!!! xoxoxo