Friday, April 17, 2009

The Happy Gardener

I know... I fell off of the blog sphere for awhile. Well I thought I'd better get a new post written, since it's been almost two whole months.

Had to post some of my flower photos. I just love to garden. Can you imagine how happy I'd be if I lived in a climate where everything grows? We have a short spring window here, where everything is lush and new. My pink ice plants (one pictured above) are making a beautiful fuchsia spectacle of themselves. In a couple of months though, everything will be suffering as if it went through a solar fire. Luckily, my little haven of a backyard faces East, and my two story house protects most of it from the baking western exposure. This weekend, I have big plans for the backyard. New annuals and maybe I'll finally build that redwood bridge that I've been storing the wood for, for two years now. I finally finished digging trenches between all the flagstones on my patio and placing smooth river rock in between. Then I placed little turquoise, cobalt and clear marbles artfully among the rocks to simulate little glints of water. My trumpet vines are reaching up and over my wall, and I'm jealous because my neighbors to the rear get all the beauty of them on their side.

This is my little "Chaste" tree. I've been training it from a bush and I love the twisted branches.
My lovely Mesquite tree (left in the distance) is still leafless so far, but believe me, when it gets it's foliage it will blow away all it's cousins in the neighborhood. It's quite the underdog (kinda like me). When I first got it two years ago, it was nothing more than a pitiful twig. I remember my friend who procured it and planted it for me said "Sorry... it was the best one at the Nursery". Then about six months later, it got blown over by a terrible devil wind and I came home to find it laying across my driveway. I'll never forget trying to stake that poor thing, with lodge poles and a three foot sledge hammer (on a ladder and by myself) in 30 mile an hour winds. Well it's kind of like a rescued animal now, and it love's me by producing the most verdantly green leaves. I feed it Ironite and no other tree can even compare to the color. It may grow a little bit crookedly but that just adds to the charm.

Fuchsia Ice Plant, Morning Glory and Sweet Broom, make beautiful mounds around her.

I know this is a short post, but after this weekend I'll have more photos to share (hopefully).

Update: 04/20/09

Well a full weekend of gardening and my poor body is screaming... Here ar
e a couple of new pictures.