Friday, February 5, 2010

Dreams of Greece

I can't believe that it's been over six months since my last post! Whaaaaat? Life just keeps fleeting by, and yet what have I really accomplished in the past six months? Oh sure, big things have changed on the work front, and yes, I've faced some really big challenges there, and overcome them (I believe)... But personally? Let's see... Nope, not so much... Where are all the drawings and paintings I should have made? All I have to show are a few sketches and a handful of cards. Hmmm, I did start fwirling and twirling some beautiful yarn into an afghan but it's only about 8 inch's in length so far.... Singing! My other love! I finally recorded a song and put it on my Facebook page... That was one of the scariest things ever!!! I'm so afraid of rejection and I hate to make myself vulnerable to criticism... But the bliss I feel when I sing is so profound that it's worth putting myself out there.... Well if I can't live my dreams, I can at least re-dream my dreams... Lets take a visual vacation, huh?

Ahhhhh Greece..... Can you just imaging trekking through all those twisty turney little streets?... The scent of Olives and bouganvilla filling the air, brilliant blue shutters against the pristine whitewashed stucco, steps leading ever onward to ledged walkways with spectacular views of the Cyclades, soft lace dancing in the open windows? Can you hear the music off in the distance? Crisp white cotton slipped over bronzed skin....

The sun has submerged itself into the ocean and it's time to go out and party!!!!

Cheers.... I mean Opa!!!

Dawn approaches. Sleep, who needs sleep?.... A swim, perhaps?

Is it even possible that some people are actually greeted with a dawn like this? Are they blessed or what?

A warm blissful cup of coffee in my quaint little cavehouse kitchen...

Another day awaits....

Do you think if I dream this dream over and over it could come true? It's okay, even if not, there is bliss and peace enough in the dreaming alone!